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Commercial  Landscaping

Commercial landscaping is a service that multi-location businesses rely on to ensure a safe and welcoming experience for their customers and employees. The best commercial landscaping companies offer more than just standard lawn care services but instead perform a number of grounds care tasks, complete with a year-round strategy to ensure routine upkeep. An approach like this will also help fight seasonal risks that threaten commercial properties

At Great Lakes Landscaping, we specialize in helping businesses look their best.  With one call and free consultation, we ensure that the maintenance and new installation of your landscaping and hardscaping needs are met to the highest level of satisfaction.

Restaurants, educational institutions, parks, and retail spaces are just a few industries that rely on Great Lakes landingscaping services. 

Listed below are our installation and maintenance services that we offer for any property and budget.

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Professional Services

Meeting Your Needs

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Landscaping Services


Landscaping Installation

Weed Control

Routine Maintenance


Seasonal Color

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